About Us

Arash mahya Paraffin Manufacturing Co.Arash Mahya Paraffin Manufacturing Co. was founded in 2001 with the aim to produce and export wax products. Relying on the knowledge and expertise of our specialists, as well as investing to build new machineries and refining equipment, the company managed to achieve required certificates and licenses in order to make its way throughout international markets and realized its visions by exporting high quality refined waxes to all around the world. Now that the company is going through its 18th year of experience, we have done enough to make sure that our brand ‘DENA’ leaves a good reputation among our customers. Every single order is fully supported by our devoted and caring personnel and our logistic team offers the best solutions and strategies for delivering shipments to any place in the world. We are a valid member of Iran Chamber of Commerce and Iranian Oil, Gas and Petroleum Products Exporters' Union and are honored to be awarded as Iran's Leading Exporter of the Year in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Through all these years, we have never stopped to seek for effective methods through research and development and find it our duty to explore every way, which leads the company to success and triumph.

Arash Mahya


Every enterprise in the world of business is looking for mutual trust to experience a convenient trade. Nothing can certify ‘Trust’ for a company but the honest behavior and integrity of that company. Arash Mahya team has always believed in honesty as the main factor in trading and has always tried to make sure that the customers can count on what they are offered by the company.

Our mission is to build trust with our customers by offering good quality products and providing the best possible solutions to them regardless of our company’s interests.

Arash MahyaVision

The identity of Arash Mahya Co. is not only a manufacturing but a manufacturing-exporting enterprise. Exporting of more than 90% of the production to different regions around the world including the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and America, have given us the chance to value our overseas sales by directly supplying our customers around the world with our high quality products, which finally brought us the award of ‘The Leading Exporter of Alborz State in 2015’, granted by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

Yet, our vision is to expand the capacity of our exports even more and become the Leading Exporter of the country by optimizing and promoting our sales in new international markets.