Residue wax

Residue wax :

Residue wax (also know as Foots Oil) is the oil extracted form Slack wax in the process of producing Paraffin wax. Residue wax contains high percentage of oil and, based on the oil content, can be found as liquid or semi-solid in the room temprature. Oily nature of residue wax makes this product applicable as a lubricant in industrial environments.

Applications: coating, water proofing, inks, wooden boards, trapulin, cables,…

residue wax

Iron Drums

  • Containing: Residue Wax
  • Wt.: 195 kg
  • Net Wt.:177 kg
  • Tare Wt.: 18 kg
  • Packing Details: Iron Drums

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Residue Wax